Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is not necessarily a holiday on a farm. Today Gordon and two wonderful wwoofers Timo and Nic are out working on mending some fences in the rain. I’ve got a batch of tomato sauce  in the canner and some pickled beets on the go. But holiday or not, we certainly have much to be grateful for.

We are thankful to have had a busy and fruitful farming season. (Despite the smoke and bizarre mid-summer frosts!) The garden produced a plenitude of food, kept us almost 100% out of trouble, and all our animals are thriving and surviving. The season was made manageable and enjoyable with the excellent help from some very cool wwoofers, our fabulous neighbours at Griggs family homestead, and help also from random visitors who decided to stay a while and pitch in. We have been truly blessed.

We are also blessed to be a part of such a welcoming and warm community here in Vanderhoof. There’s some awesome folks around here making great things happen (community garden, farmers’ market, live music concerts, recycling programs, film nights, womens’ group, community theater … etc) and that makes Vanderhoof a wonderful place to live.  

Happy thanksgiving!