The perfect gift for that person in your life who is impossible to buy for.  After all, everybody eats!

Christmas Gift Meat Package Options: 

20 Pound Variety Pork Pack:  ($175)  A delectable mix of chops, roasts, ham, bacon and ground pork. Frozen and packaged for 2-person meals. A perfect taster package of Felicity Farm pork.

20 Pound Variety Chicken Pack:   ($100)  A tasty package which includes one whole roasting chicken, thighs, drums, wings, boneless skinless breasts, and stewing parts. Frozen and packaged for 2-4 person meals. A perfect taster package of Felicity Farm chicken.                   *(Sold out! Sorry!)*

20 Pound Variety Beef Pack:  ($195)  A delightful mix of steaks, roasts, stew meat, and hamburger. Frozen and packaged for 2-person meals. Includes cuts from the front and hind quarter. A perfect taster package of Felicity Farm beef.

20 Pound Ground Beef Pack:  ($130)  20 pounds of 100% grass-fed delicious lean ground beef. 1 to 1.5 pound packages.

10 Pound Ground Beef Pack:  ($70)  10 pounds of 100% grass-fed delicious lean ground beef. 1 to 1.5 pound packages.

How It Works:

1.  You purchase a gift package certificate. (Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or e-transfer. Gift certificates will be happily delivered to your door within the Vanderhoof and Prince George area.) On the certificate there is information about which gift package option it is, what’s included and also Felicity Farm contact information.

2. On the certificate, you fill in the blank where it says “To:” and “From:”.

3. You then give that certificate to that special someone in your life.

4. Then, at their convenience, they contact Felicity Farm and trade in that gift certificate for meat. The meat will be happily delivered to their door within the Vanderhoof and Prince George area.


We wish everyone a happy holiday season! If you have any questions about the meat gift certificates, feel free to call us at 250-300-4433 or email

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is not necessarily a holiday on a farm. Today Gordon and two wonderful wwoofers Timo and Nic are out working on mending some fences in the rain. I’ve got a batch of tomato sauce  in the canner and some pickled beets on the go. But holiday or not, we certainly have much to be grateful for.

We are thankful to have had a busy and fruitful farming season. (Despite the smoke and bizarre mid-summer frosts!) The garden produced a plenitude of food, kept us almost 100% out of trouble, and all our animals are thriving and surviving. The season was made manageable and enjoyable with the excellent help from some very cool wwoofers, our fabulous neighbours at Griggs family homestead, and help also from random visitors who decided to stay a while and pitch in. We have been truly blessed.

We are also blessed to be a part of such a welcoming and warm community here in Vanderhoof. There’s some awesome folks around here making great things happen (community garden, farmers’ market, live music concerts, recycling programs, film nights, womens’ group, community theater … etc) and that makes Vanderhoof a wonderful place to live.  

Happy thanksgiving!


New Beef Option

We’ve added a new beef option on our Beef Order Form 2018.

What you may ask is this exciting new option?

Well, you can now order 20 pounds of Felicity Farm’s lean ground beef! Radical!

We find that ground beef – or as some of us call it, “hamburger” – is so handy to have on hand; we thought it’d be a good idea to share that option with our hungry customers.

Find us at the Vanderhoof Farmers’ Market on Thursdays at Ferland Park from 10-2 and also in Prince George on Saturdays at the WS Community Farmers’ Market at the Pine Center mall parking lot from 8:30-2.

Coming to PG tomorrow!

Exciting news:

We’re going to be attending the WS Community Farmers’ Market in Prince George tomorrow! It’s a new one for us, so we’re pretty stoked. We’ve got a truckload of vegetables just picked and washed this morning and a few early flowers and of course our very stylish reusable shopping bags in case folks forget their own.

The details:   8:30am – 2:00pm in the parking lot outside the Pine Center Mall. To check it out on facebook, go to

Happy early Canada Day!

Find us at the Farmers Market!

This week we will be at the Vanderhoof Farmers’ Market!

Come on over to Ferland park on Thursday between 10am and 2pm and find us!  If this heat continues and it’s blasting hot, you can also go for a run through the water-park to cool off.

Some selections we’ll be vending this week are:

  • Bok Choy
  • Cooking onions
  • Spinach
  • Parsley
  • Nifty handmade reusable “Felicity Farm” cloth shopping bags
  • Lettuce heads… and more!

See you there!

The Speckled Band’s New Recruits

Calving season is over and summer grazing season is upon us.  We plan to have our cows calve just when the grass comes on in the spring so that when the wee ones are nursing the cows have the best nutrition possible to produce milk – and the best nutrition comes from fresh lush pasture. This year our timing was excellent. Here’s a picture of one of the heifer calves enjoying the green grass and sunshine.

Gardening has begun!

Now that the garden is mostly in, it’s time to make a post about it! (It sure feels good to have an excuse to sit down and stretch my back.) Here’s a couple goofs planting onions and battling mosquitoes.

We try to do a little bit of everything in the garden here , so we have planted several hundred white onions, a fair number of red onions, a good batch of storage onions, a plethora of our prize-winning giant onions, plenty of green onions, a deluge of leeks, and an ample sampling of two varieties of shallot.

Go team go!