Pastured Chicken

Felicity Farm chicken will NOT be available in 2023. Sorry to disappoint!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Felicity Farm chickens are raised on pasture and are fed a mixture of sprouts and non-GMO grains.  They never receive any antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. This is highly unusual as most chicks destined for the supper table are either vaccinated or fed medicated feed for the first few weeks of life. We take extra care to give the chicks enough space when they’re young, and always ensure their bedding is clean – and this way we have not only healthy but also completely non-medicated birds. The diet we feed to our pastured chickens contains all the vitamins and minerals and fresh water they need for a healthy and happy life.

It is necessary to feed chickens grains in addition to the grass and bugs that they forage from the pasture. So we feed our birds a mixture of sprouts and non-GMO grains (This means no corn and no soy. It is very difficult to confirm these two very common feed crops are GMO-free. The only two ways to be confident that the corn or soy in animal feeds is not genetically modified are either to grow it yourself – sourcing non-GMO seeds – or to buy certified organic feeds, which are dramatically more expensive – prohibitively expensive for us farmers who would like to provide great food to our community at a reasonably accessible price.) We work with a mill in Alberta who has been mixing us this custom feed and we are very happy with the results: healthy happy chickens, and at the end of the day, delicious meaty birds.

We have heard from our customers that the flavour of Felicity Farm chicken is outstanding. We take the time necessary to raise these chickens right – it takes nearly twice as long to raise these pastured chickens compared to a conventional  barn-raised bird, and as a result their flavor is supreme.  (It’s kind of like the difference between eating veal and eating full-flavoured beef.)

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